Chapter 2: "I Will Survive"

After my time in a Private Christian school, my parents decided to move us into the Public school system. My first impression of being in a Public School was not a good one. It's the first day of school, 4th grade, Mrs. Carr's class- standing at her desk with a classroom of new kids behind me. "You talk too much" were her first words to me. Her face was not soft, she did not smile, she meant it. She did not encourage or praise my character, but instead, gave me the look of di

How this all started & Chapter 1

Where do I even begin.. Well, first. Welcome to So It Flows- a space I have been wanting to create for a long time. From the moment Yoga cracked my heart open and changed my life, I've felt this strong urge to share this knowledge and my experience with the world. Fast forward to now, and I'm finally sharing... all of it. My yoga practice isn't seperate from, but IS my life. My practice doesn't start and end when I step on and off my mat. I define my practice as moving throug