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Mail Attachment Downloader Pro Crack

Mail Attachment Downloader Pro: A Powerful Tool for Email Automation

Do you have a lot of emails with attachments that you need to download, process, and save? Do you want to automate your email workflows and save time and money? If yes, then you might want to check out Mail Attachment Downloader Pro, a software developed by GearMage that lets you do all that and more.

Mail Attachment Downloader Pro is a rules-based engine that lets you work with multiple email accounts simultaneously, save emails to multiple folders and perform custom actions when an email arrives. It lets you save email bodies and attachments to more than just one folder by defining email rules, perform actions such as copy/move emails or attachments after download, file format conversion, extracting data from emails or attachments, saving email data to databases, sending an email response, convert emails to PDF, TIFF and over 50+ formats!

Download File:

Mail Attachment Downloader Pro works with any standard IMAP, POP3, or Microsoft Exchange compatible server, including popular web mail providers like Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, and more. You can easily search, download, extract and save emails with attachments with simple setup. You can also set up various filters, like size, file type, sender, subject, date and time stamp, to specify what you want to download.

Mail Attachment Downloader Pro comes in three editions: PRO Client, PRO Server, and PRO Server with SDK. The PRO Client edition grants a commercial or business use license and adds many versatile features to the FREE edition. The PRO Server edition adds the ability to run on a Windows Server OS and the ability to run unattended 24x7 as a Windows Service. The PRO Server with SDK edition adds a plugin SDK to integrate your line of business applications directly with email automation solutions.

If you are interested in Mail Attachment Downloader Pro, you can visit their website to learn more about the product features, pricing, and customer testimonials. You can also download a free trial version or buy a subscription or perpetual license online. Mail Attachment Downloader Pro is a powerful tool for email automation that can help you save time and money by automating mundane email tasks that take time.


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