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Disobedience Subtitles Portuguese (BR)

UK/Portugal, 2016, Director Ramsay Cameron, Producer Molitor Productions, documentary, English/Portuguese, German subtitles 52 min - The film tells the story of the 100 year history of the Minas da Urgeiriça in Northern Portugal. The mine was one of the earliest uranium mines and was linked directly to Marie Curie, during the Second World War the British and American governments recognized its strategic importance and invested heavily in it to provide nuclear fuel for the Cold War. Later the mine was returned to Portuguese ownership and the dictator Salazar dreamt of creating a Portuguese nuclear industry, eventually it was the source of the uranium that Saddam Hussein procured for his attempt to build a nuclear reactor.

Disobedience subtitles Portuguese (BR)


Brazil, 2017, director Benedito Ferreira, fiction movie, 23 min, Portuguese with German subtitles - A personal, sensitive reflexion about the radioactive accident of Goiânia, 1987. Brazils and Latin Americas worst nuclear disaster. At the latest environmental film festival of Goiás in Brazil, the FICA 2017, the short film and his director Benedito Ferreira from Goiânia were receiving several awards. Trailer:

Switzerland/Finland/Japan, 2015, Regie Aya Domenig , Producer: Mirjam von Arx, Documentary, 78 min, Japanese, German or English subtitles - Swiss-Japanese filmmaker Aya Domenig, the granddaughter of a doctor on duty for the Red Cross during the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, approaches the experience of her deceased grandfather by tracing the lives of a doctor and of former nurses who once shared the same experience. While gathering the memories and present views of these very last survivors, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima strikes and history seems to repeat itself. Filminfo: 041b061a72


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