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Tarot Divination will help to build connections with tarot cards & your destiny. Learn tarot cards meanings and the occult symbolism of the Rider Waite cards deck. Provide all tools to design tarot spreads and create a unique learning curve with a flexible deck.Tarot cards are magical instruments that give a way to make a spiritual journey and look behind walls of destiny. Open the world of tarot cards meanings, and you can feel the cosmic energies flowing through our world. And tarot card reading will help to understand those energies.Tarot cards deck by your rulesWith our app, you can filter the deck and leave only Minor or Major Arcana. Add reversed cards to your readings or shuffle the deck on every card pick.Find yourself with tarot spreadsFind tarot spreads that help in self-realization, spiritual growth, and financial & relationship goals. With the right question, you will get the correct answer that may change the course of your life and stimulate spirituality to growBuild uniqe tarot spreadsCreate a spread that can answer your question, and each position will reflect your question. Don't limit yourself to what someone else has created. Create your own and share the result with your friendsYes or no tarot card readingThese are simple questions that not every magic divination can answer. But Tarot Divination can! Just enable yes, and no tarot answers in a single card spread.Daily tarot journeyThe card of the day is unique and highly tied to your life horoscope. Daily tarot warns what may await you during the day and help you prepare for possible obstacles. Be the one who rules life!Tarot journalTarot Divination provides a way to save every reading you make in your tarot journal. Come back anytime and find new aspects of the same answer. But if you forget to keep critical reading, don't be sad; the app will do this for you!Tarot notes & Daily tarot readingAdd your magic meanings to the cards and write your feelings and emotions from daily cards in a personal journal. Learning was always challenging with tarot notes. Reading flowWe created a simple yet powerful way of tarot reading. Fill out the spread, and Tarot Divination will navigate you through the magic of answers.Rider Waite tarot card deckLearn tarot cards meanings and symbolism of the Rider Waite cards deck. Find out what each symbol depicted on the card means and what hidden meaning it carries.Freedom layoutGet tarot reading and learn cards with freestyle layout. Do not block imagination to predefined spreads! Unrestricted freedom for you in the tarot world. Use the tarot spreads you want, or create your own.Style your tarot card readingChange spreads backgrounds to one of 7 beautiful patterns designed to not distract from tarot reading but make it unique and personal. Connect yourself with the cosmic energy of tarot cards with custom cards covers. Make your journey personal!Tarot QuizLearn tarot card meanings with a tarot quiz. Build strong bounds with the energy of tarot using a simple yet powerful way of learning by answering quiz questions. The app contains meanings for every popular type of tarot reading, so everything is also included in a quiz. App uses divinatory meanings by Mark McElroy ( ) Original description from Public Domain Book "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot" by A.E. Waite (first edition, 1911) Fortunetelling meanings by SilverFoxYou can contact me or suggest features for Tarot Divination through email: [email protected]Try Tarot Divination, and it will become a helper on your magic journey through oracle cards. Get tarot reading and learn tarot cards meanings.

Download Tarot Divination's [Pro] apk



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