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Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi Video 720p Hd

kuch khatti kuch meethi is a very interesting story about love, family values and social problems. the story revolves around a story that a guy proposes his cousin for marriage. the main problem is that the boy is in love with his classmate. so he doesn't marry her. one day, he realizes that his cousin has also fallen in love with the guy who proposed her for marriage. so he realizes that he has done a mistake and he goes to see the guy, apologies him, and finally marries his cousin.

Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi Video 720p Hd


kuch khatti kuch meethi is a movie that takes a totally different angle to the romantic comedies that are quite popular at the moment. instead of following the usual formulaic pattern, the makers have taken a different approach. instead of presenting the audience with an idealised love story, the film attempts to explore the dark side of relationships and the reasons for choosing a certain path. the film has a refreshing take on the genre of romantic comedies.

the film is known to have been a box office success in pakistan, and is very popular among families. however, kuch khatti kuch meethi also has a large number of fans who enjoy watching it on a regular basis. the film is sure to give the audience a break from the usual fare.

kuch khatti kuch meethi is a feel good movie. the lead characters are likeable, and their story is a perfect example of the importance of family in one's life. the film is not without flaws, and there are a few scenes which don't quite work, but overall it's a light, sweet hearted film. the story is fun, witty and it will keep you entertained.


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