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4 Qul With Urdu Translation Pdf

we were created at creation time to be next to allah and mankind. the angel gabriel (jibriel) descended to earth in the time of prophet muhammad (pbuh) to guide him and warn him. at the time of your birth, you were under the protection of hajar (mumtaz), and when you die you will be under the protection of hajar (mumtaz) as well. all doors of heaven and earth opened for you after you were born, and all doors of hell and hell opened for you when you die. all doors will open and shut in accordance to your destiny in your lifetime.

4 qul with urdu translation pdf

there are many surahs in this quran which are not names of prophets, like the surahs that started with the words wah, hamza, and w-al-mithaq. if you want to read every surah of the quran in english, then check this link.

islam has been the religion of the prophet muhammad (pbuh) and has been sent to all of us. it has been shown in the quran that there was no messenger after the prophet muhammad (pbuh) except for one whose name is allah. and this messenger is allah and his messenger is muhammad.

all praise is due to allah, the lord of the worlds. there is no god but allah, and muhammad is the messenger of allah. allah has not ordered anything to be taken except with that permitted by allah, so if it is allowed by allah then it is done for allah. and whoever opposes the messenger has brought the wrath of allah upon himself. the messenger has been given a token (revelation) from allah so let us obey the messenger.

o you who believe! protect your tongues from showing animosity in your hearts, make of your tongues channels of benefit, and your eyes channels of pleasure. be careful of words which may anger you and lead you far from true guidance. and fear allah. verily, there is no god but allah, and i am commanded to be the messenger of allah. so whoever wants to, let him believe, and whoever wants to, let him remain a disbeliever. and sinning is much more than a mere speech, indeed, it is a violent act. whoever turns away from my message has incurred for himself the wrath of allah, and his refuge is the fire, and his abode is the fire and the angels of his lord shall be about him. and his family, and those nearest to him amongst the people;


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