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On the surface, it sounds like a good upgrade. Sadly though, it seems they've not taken it in a direction that players are happy with. Since the Enhanced Edition release, it's moved into a Mostly Negative user review score on Steam. It's been so poorly received that they've put the previous version up as an opt-in Beta on Steam under the "heliborne_original" tag which also contains all the DLC. You know you messed up when the community largely wants to play the original, doesn't seem very Enhanced does it? Klabater have a lot of work ahead if they wish to turn this around.



The 28th MEU is ashore in the country of Wasteland conducting counter-terrorist operations against a global network of religious extremists. Today, the BLT and ACE are conducting a heliborne assault into the village of Bad in order to establish a blocking position to deter an enemy attack from both Bad and through Canyon, a nearby valley. An enemy squad occupies the government center adjacent to local soccer fields, which are the primary landing zones.

Attack and Armed helicopters were also employed in close support of the Heliborne column. Long range weapon systems available with Army were also used to deliver large amount of TNT and steel in support of the heliborne force. Strike aircrafts of the Indian Air Force provided critical fire support and air protection to the column.

Today Italian Marines of the Brigata Marina San Marco, supported by aviation assets of the United States Marine Corps, conducted a heliborne assault operation in the vicinity of Elvevoll of with the aim seizing key terrain for follow-on operations.

Mr. Karim Rayani, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "We are eagerly waiting for the results of the heliborne survey. The Duhamel Property is a fertile host for Ni-Cu-Co massive sulphides and iron Ti-V-Cr mineralization. Upon completing interpretation, we will follow-up with boots on the ground and select our best targets for diamond drilling. Secondly, I would also like to personally thank Gary Musil for 20 plus years of valuable service, and contributions. We wish him well in his future endeavors."

Such heliborne operations need meticulous planning at the Corps or Command level followed by discussions and exercises. A great deal of staff and field work and inter-service coordination go into its preparation. But the first heliborne operation of Indian Army was planned spontaneously on 6/7 Dec by Sagat Singh and executed exceptionally well by Gr. Capt. Chandan Singh, his team and 4/5 Gurkha Rifles.

Sagat asked Chandan to go to Kalaura to pick up Commander 59 Mountain Brigade, Brig CA (Bunty) Quinn and fly to Sylhet to select a landing zone. And later that day, Chandan was to take charge of the 110 Helicopter Squadron that was landing at Kailashahar. Chandan was to use those Mi-4 helicopters to complete the heliborne operation that day itself.

MobileMT is a relatively new heliborne natural field electromagnetic (NFEM) system which measures the magnetic field response due to telluric currents in the 30 Hz to 20 kHz range. By comparison, the ZTEM NFEM system, in commercial use for more than a decade, operates in a range from 22 Hz to 720 Hz. The HELITEM active source heliborne time-domain electromagnetic (HEM) system is a variant of the concentric-loop configuration (like VTEM and SkyTEM) commonly used on mineral exploration projects. Both ZTEM and HELITEM represent good standards for comparison against any new airborne electromagnetic (EM) technology. We examine data from recent surveys using all three of these systems in a common study area.

In late April Colonel Merchant's Marines joined with VNAF and U.S. Army elements to launch what would be the costliest and most viciously opposed heliborne assault attempted in South Vietnam during the 1962-1965 period. On the 26th, Merchant, Lieutenant Colonel La Voy, and Lieutenant Colonel George Brigham, the task element operations officer, flew to Quang Ngai and Pleiku to participate in the final stages of planning for a multi-battalion heliborne offensive into the Do Xa area, the mountainous Viet Cong stronghold located ' along the northern border of II Corps. At Quang Ngai officials from the II Corps headquarters had already completed the general plans for Operation SURE WIND 202 (Vietnamese code name: QUYET THANG 202), the size of which demanded the use of all transport helicopters available in both I and II Corps. The Marine representatives learned that HMM-364's role in the upcoming operation would be to helilift a 420-man South Vietnamese battalion from the Quang Ngai airfield to Landing Zone BRAVO, an objective located about 30 miles due west of the pickup point. Simultaneous with this assault, a U.S. Army helicopter company based at Pleiku was scheduled to transport two ARVN battalions (960 troops) from Gi Lang, an outpost located 24 miles west-sourhwest of Quang Ngai, to a second landing zone about eight miles west-southwest of Landing Zone BRAVO. The operation was to begin on the morning of 27 April, with the first assault waves scheduled to land at 0930. Due to the distance between the mountainous landing zones and because two different helicopter units would be conducting the respective troop-lifts, the operation plan treated the two assaults as separate operations. A U.S. Air Force U-10 aircraft had been assigned to carry Colonel Merchant, the TACA, and other ASOC representatives who would coordinate the helilift into Landing Zone BRAVO. Twenty Vietnamese A-1H Skyraiders had been assigned to provide tactical air support for the Marine portion of the operation. Twelve of these attack aircraft were scheduled to conduct preparatory strikes on and around the landing zones, four were to orbit above the area after the helicopter landing began, and the remaining four were to be positioned on airstrip alert at Da Nang. Five Army UH-1B gunships were assigned to escort the Marine UH-34Ds to and from the landing zone.

Following the initial heliborne assaults into the Do Xa area, two UH-34Ds were rotated to Tra My from Da Nang on a daily basis. Refueling from the TAFDS bladder, these standby aircraft were used primarily to perform medical evacuation missions for VNMC and ARVN units involved in BACH PHOUNG XI. Before the operation ended in mid-May, HMM-162's crews had evacuated nearly 100 Marine and ARVN casualties from hazardous landing zones scattered along the border of I and II Corps. The task element's 0-lBs also provided aerial reconnaissance support for all phases of the operation. On 19 May, the day before BACH PHOUNG XI terminated, 12 Marine UH-34Ds lifted the two Vietnamese Marine battalions to the provisional brigade command post at Tra My. This particular phase of the operation evoked favorable comment from an anonymous U.S. Marine pilot who noted on an unsigned debriefing form that the heliborne withdrawal had gone smoothly and that the Vietnamese Marines appeared "well organized in the landing zones and at Tra My." 4 BACH PHOUNG XI ended unceremoniously the following day when HMM-162 helilifted the ARVN battalions from the Do Xa base area.

This latest offensive appears to be part of an overall Soviet strategy to maintain constant pressure throughout the winter, normally a period of little combat, on the more effective resistance front. The fact that heliborne troops reportedly have been dropped along the main caravan route points to Soviet determination to block supply routes until winter conditions make it virtually impossible to travel.

In an apparent exercise in frustration, the Soviets launched follow-up search-and-destroy missions Sept. 5 against the mujahideen. They dropped heliborne troops at Dashti-Rawat in the northern Panjshair Valley and along surrounding ridges only to find that the guerrillas had melted back into the mountains.

Jim Cannia: In 2007, we started in the eastern part of Nebraska with heliborne electromagnetic surveys in the glacial till zone. We tried three different areas: heavy, medium and light glacial tills. We were very successful in the light and medium. The heavy glacial tills was just too conductive for the heliborne to work. 041b061a72


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