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not only does the dropbox allow for easy to use file access (noob-proof) !!! but it also can be used for PC in case of an emergency situation where accessing work files on the go is desperately needed.... Many Lawyers are starting to clue in on this at my work and its picking up fast!!

Dropbox (41) ts

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Jennifer,It never ceases to amaze me that teachers are so expert in using tools to meet the needs of their profession. Your piece reminds me of that fact! Thanks for showing us that a tool like dropbox can be used effectively within education!

I have a student currently using dropbox as a tool to get work from teachers. I am now wondering if there is a program that works well to use as an agenda. This way the school device stays at school and he can access the agenda from dropbox at home. device calenday is deifficult for student to use.Thank you.

hi thanks for your helpful blog i edited the dropbox link as you explained. so i changed dl=0 to raw=1 the question is should i use the link with raw=1 in my html email or the link that it generates when i copy paste it into browser. because i tried to use the link that it gave me by copy pasting the raw=1 version into the browser but after a few hours the link was broken. are they random links? 041b061a72


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