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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

 High-quality & Affordable Thermal Paper

Thermal papers are chemically coated papers that print media from the heat of the thermal printer. The chemical coating is heat sensitive and undergoes a thermal reaction when passed through a thermal printer. This process creates high-definition media on the paper. Thermal papers are widely used today across several industries. 

Thermal printing is a viable alternative to conventional printing due to its lower maintenance cost, faster print speed, and higher-quality images. At Master Distributors, we guarantee crisp and clear prints with a wide range of thermal paper rolls for your label and receipt printing needs. We also have waterproof and moisture-proof papers that have a long shelf life and are suitable for any environment. 

Browse through our store and find thermal papers of various specifications. Buy compatible solutions with your printer and get ready for more efficient prints. 

Top Features of Thermal Paper 

Thermal papers create crystal clear images free from smudges and smears - as with conventional bond papers. Due to fewer moving parts, there is also a lesser risk of paper jams and no added expense of ink ribbons or cartridges. 

·      Bright and smooth surface doesn't jam 

·      Environmentally safe chemical coating 

·      Water-resistant & moisture-proof

·      Excellent color rendering effect

·      Ideal for an array of industries 

Get in Touch

At Master Distributors, we're Canada's leading wholesalers and distributors of POS supplies. From the leading POS hardware to the best accessories, we have the leading brands in store to optimize your business and make operations more efficient. 

Call 1-888-905-7008 or email for info & inquiries. 


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