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Buy Ram For Imac 2011 !FREE!

Can I install 4 8GB memory chips for a total of 32GB? The technical specs say it supports up to 16GB (4x4GB) but it hasn't been updated since May 2011 and was wonder if a firmware update allows it to support my proposed configuration.

buy ram for imac 2011

If you have the 27" iMac MacTracker says it supports up to 32GB, even though Apple only says it supports 16GB. The 21.5" iMac can only support 8GB either way. OWC, a reputable memory retailer, started selling 32GB upgrade kits for the 2011 iMac last year.

Apologies for my ignorance here, as the title suggests I am looking for advice on upgrading the Ram on my mid 2011 iMac. I have bought 2x4GB and the iMac already has 2x2GB. I found the question was already asked by Mike Kwan here: How should different sized RAM be added to iMac?

It won't affect performance. A Mid 2011 iMac supports 32 GB of RAM, but Apple says that they support 16 GB. 8 GB modules are supported, so you won't have any problem. Furthermore, if both memory modules are installed on the slots at the top or at the bottom, you get Dual Channel, which increases the memory performance

iMacs come in two sizes -- 27-inch and 21.5-inch models. Since late 2012, 27-inch models have a door behind the stand that gives you easy access so you can add more RAM. If you have a pre-2011 27-inch or a 21.5-inch iMac, there's an access panel in the bottom grille of the computer.

The 2011 iMac family (released in May of that year) came in 21.5" and 27" screen sizes. All models contained four memory slots using 1333MHz DDR3 PC3-10600 SDRAM. Although Apple states that the capacity of each slot is 4GB for a total of 16GB, OWC and others have proven that the 2011 iMac can actually had 8GB in each slot for a total of 32GB of RAM. 041b061a72


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