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Where To Buy A Double Stroller

For example, our top double stroller pick, the Baby Jogger City Mini Gt2 All-Terrain Double Stroller, has a useful one-handed compact fold, forever air tires and plenty of points of adjustment for both the kids and the parent, including handlebar height and footrest tweaks.

where to buy a double stroller


Weight: 37 pounds Car seat compatible: Yes Weight limit: Up to 50 pounds per child Tandem or side-by-side: Side-by-side stroller

Bob strollers have built up a reputation for being the best option for athletic parents, and the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is a popular choice among the many iterations of Bob designs. This double stroller has an impressive suspension system and air-filled tires to help parents maneuver over pretty much any terrain without jostling baby. It has an adjustable handlebar, so parents of all heights can comfortably use it. The front wheel can be adjusted to either swivel or lock into place (the latter is recommended for running).

Weight: 22 pounds Car seat compatible: No Weight limit: 55 pounds each seat Tandem or side-by-side: Side-by-side stroller

Weight: 35 pounds Car seat compatible: Yes Weight limit: Up to 50 pounds and 35-inches (height) each seat Tandem or side-by-side: Tandem stroller

Weight: 32 pounds Car seat compatible: Yes Weight limit: 50 pounds (front seat); 40 pounds (rear seat) Tandem or side-by-side stroller: Tandem

The UppaBaby Vista V2 might be the easiest single stroller to turn into a double stroller when baby No. 2 arrives. Everything on this full-size stroller operates smoothly, from the telescoping handlebar to snapping in the seats. Rearrange seating in a snap. We love the roomy storage basket, lengthy canopy, simple fold and upright storage, as well as the ease with which the seat reclines.

The Vista V2 single stroller includes a bassinet to take your first baby on newborn walks before moving them into the included toddler seat. Purchase the rumble seat to turn your single stroller into a double. The Vista also accommodates two car seats at once, so this tandem double stroller also works for twin families. Add a Piggyback board and a third child can hop on, too. Some reviewers do complain that the rumble seat is not large enough for tall or older toddlers, so this double might work best with children close in age.

Weight: 27 pounds Car seat compatible: Yes Weight limit: 50 pounds (front seat); 50 pounds (rear seat) Tandem or side-by-side stroller: Tandem

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo is considered the Cadillac of double strollers, and the hefty price tag reflects it. Still, if you can afford it, this stylish option is packed with cool features to make parenting on-the-go easier.

Fans swear by its ability to fold up quickly: I love how my girls can sit side by side and I love that my younger one can face me. The under-storage gives lots of space for diaper bag and more. We walk a lot around town and this stroller can handle all the terrible sidewalks in NY without disrupting my sleeping infant. Even my toddler loves the 3 reclining options. It is easy to fold after a few tries. Not to mention this stroller is so chic and gives me all the accessories!

Double strollers come in different configurations. Some have children seated side-by-side, while others have an elongated carriage to put one in front of the other. Other double strollers put children at different heights so they can each get a clear view of all the action. A few higher-end double strollers allow you to move seats around, so your children can be forward-facing, rear-facing or a combination of both.

At baseline, double strollers have the ability to tote around two children. But some have adaptability features to personalize the ride for you and your family like standing boards to accommodate a third child, the ability to turn seats around and even bassinets that be used with newborns. Not everyone needs or is interested in these features, but if want to customize your stroller or allow space for an extra child, this is worth considering.

It depends. Some double strollers have specialized seating available for newborns either with a bassinet, car seat adapter or full-recline mode, so that baby can start riding from birth. Often, babies can start riding in a double stroller without a car seat at eight weeks if they have good neck support, although every stroller (and newborn) is different.

Are you searching for the best double stroller? We researched over 75 contenders and chose 17 top double options to purchase and test in our side-by-side, months-long comparison. Finding a great two-seater for your little ones shouldn't give you a headache. We test each stroller for ease of use, maneuverability, weight and folded size, quality, and car seat attachment, so we can provide the details you need to find the right stroller for your family. There is no need to guess when choosing your stroller; with our detailed reviews, you can get what you need the first time and within budget.

Looking for a double stroller for travel? Check out our review of the best lightweight double strollers to find the best. If you are researching strollers in general, our review of the top strollers available today across all categories is a great place to start. You can also take a deep dive into the best bike trailers for kids and outdoor adventures.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is undoubtedly the most impressive side-by-side stroller we tested. Overall, it is high quality, has smooth maneuverability, and is easy to use. The Glide 2 is a 3-wheel jogger that folds quickly and easily and includes a self-stand feature that allows rolling when folded. The Urban Glide 2 Double is easy to turn in tight spaces and push over off-road terrain. It is also an excellent jogger and is excellent at moving off the beaten path and going over curbs. The passenger seats each have storage pockets, giant canopies, an independent recline for each seat, and padded 5-point harnesses to help keep little ones cozy and safe.

This stroller may not be the right choice for those expecting twins as it only accepts one infant car seat. However, you can hold one baby in a baby carrier or use a frame stroller when your little ones are small. The Urban Glide is also somewhat heavy, but it is the lightest option in the top-scoring strollers. Overall, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is an excellent stroller for everyday use, loaded with features that let you run and run errands when the mood strikes while keeping your children comfortable.

The UPPAbaby Vista v2 Double is a stylish, inline double stroller that quickly became the favorite for most testers. This easy-to-use option allows for various seating configurations that include two infant car seats, making it a superb choice for twins, multiples, a single rider, or three (with a riding scooter sold separately). The Vista features foam-filled rubber tires that can't go flat. It has the largest storage basket in this lineup, with an enormous maximum allowable weight of 30lbs. The Vista v2 has a telescoping handlebar, easy-press brakes, and a straightforward fold. While the Vista v2 is not an all-terrain stroller, it does manage uneven terrain better than much of the competition thanks to all-wheel suspension and larger wheels, giving you the versatility you need to hit the play park, fair, or greenbelt.

This stroller is not the right option for anyone on a tighter budget or who has trouble lifting heavy things. Still, it could be one of the only choices if you have three children of different riding ages or need a stroller compatible with two infant car seat carriers simultaneously. Overall, we feel the Vista v2 is worth the price if your budget allows it. Its higher quality, efficient design, and seating configuration versatility indicate a longer lifespan than similar competitors.

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double is a full-size, double, inline stroller similar to some higher-end award winners. This versatile seating works with two infant car seats, two toddler seats, and two modified seats that act as bassinets. You can face these seats back or forward and use the seating options you need for twins or little ones of multiple ages. We love the versatility of this budget double and how similar it is to more expensive products that might be outside the budget of some growing families.

The Evenflo doesn't have the best quality. It isn't bad, but it feels somewhat wobbly compared to the similar but more expensive strollers we've seen. The Evenflo is also fairly heavy, but it wasn't the heaviest stroller in our tests and not prohibitively heavy compared to some competitors. Despite minor flaws, we believe many families will appreciate the Pivot's features and functionality. We like that families on a budget can purchase a stroller that resembles the competition in looks and functionality but at a significantly lower price.

The Baby Trend Expedition Double is one of the lowest-priced double we tested, and it earned an above-average performance. The Expedition is a jogging stroller with pneumatic rubber tires, padded seats, an easy-to-use recline, and impressive maneuverability. While the Expedition doesn't match the attention to detail or use the same quality materials as the higher-end competitors, it offers what we feel is a reliable double seater that works well for a reasonable price acceptable for many budgets. It also comes with extra features like a parent tray, cup holders, and cinch pockets on the back of each seat for more storage.

The Hamax Outback is a wallet-friendlier trailer/stroller combination you can use for strolling, jogging, or cross-country skiing (attachments sold separately). This trailer has enclosed seating, a large storage bin, and straightforward attachment changes. We like the easy-to-turn front swivel wheel that surprisingly manages tight spaces well. We think the adjustable suspension and new reclining seats create a comfortable pod for riders. This stroller is a high-quality option with durable materials that can keep you going on various fun adventures. 041b061a72


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