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[S1E5] Kidnapped!

Later Kemi, asks C to help her identify if the man from her past is the same man she saw at the train station. She asks him to keep it between them. C later tells Kemi that it is the same man and Kemi is shaken to learn this. She visits her dad and confronts him about lying to her about the man who kidnapped her in Lagos. Her dad lied to her that the man was killed in a raid. Her father asks her to drop the issue.

[S1E5] Kidnapped!

Later on Lilly makes a shocking confession to Ty. Veronica is not her sister, and the man they traveled through the sinkhole with is not her father. A year ago, they kidnapped her. Veronica runs away when Ty tries to confront her.

When the Halloween party begins, Imogen is dressed up as Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby to welcome everyone at the door. Noa, Faran, and Tabby show up, but Mouse only gets there later that night after spending time alongside Steve, trick or treating and consoling him. Although she seems to be trying to comfort him because his daughter Roberta is missing, perhaps it's possible that Mouse was kidnapped in the past and therefore can sympathize with Steve's personal sorrow. At the party, things start to get tense when Faran sees Kelly making out with Greg, Karen's boyfriend. That's enough to make her believe that Kelly is actually Karen, since Kelly wouldn't betray her sister in that fashion. Faran's confrontation of Kelly ultimately causes her to lose the lead in the school's Black Swan production at the end of the episode.

The next morning Charlie starts to explain how numbers are used in encryption. The Riemann Hypothesis could be used to break through internet encryption. They conclude that this is why Emily was kidnapped.

The NCIS team is given a 22 hour deadline after the murder investigation of a Chief Warrant Officer, who specialized in counterintelligence, reveals his wife had been kidnapped and is being held for ransom.

Last week Woody (Gord Rand) followed exactly the wrong guy home from the mall, a simple burglary turned fatal when he tried to rescue Keith, who has been kidnapped, tied up and tortured by a pair of malcontents: Edie and Eric (Brendan Fletcher).

Gabriel and Riley search for the kidnapped daughter of a senator in Mexico when a Mexican cartel demands he end the sale of U.S. spy satellite in exchange for her safety. Meanwhile, Lillian discovers a connection between the drug cartel and her father.

Hector goes to the house where he is holding Mackenzie and Samantha hostage. He asks Ramon, the other guy who kidnapped the girls where is Carlos. He is not happy that two US agents are looking for Samantha and Mackenzie. He goes to the room where the girls are kept and removes their gags. He asks if there is any need for gags for which Mackenzie answers no. She says her friend needs water. Hector takes both Samantha and Carlos away. Mackenzie pleads to take her instead.

Hector sends a video of Riley and Mackenzie tied up to CyberCom. He says he is not taking orders from anyone. Gabriel cyber renders the video. He sees Riley's watch has stopped. He thinks Riley is sending him a message through the watch since it worked perfectly fine earlier. He finds out they drove for twenty three minutes before arriving on where ever they are. He cross references the building twenty three minutes away from where Riley was kidnapped against the Soccer channel subscribers. He finds a location and heads there alone. 041b061a72


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