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Buy Magnum Boots Australia

For a tough, yet comfortable, chainsaw boot, the HAIX Protector Ultra Lime Green fits the bill. These boots offer exceptional stability on any kind of uneven terrain and are built for comfort. The lime green suede upper works in conjunction with the reflective material at the heel and ankle for increased visibility near the chainsaw both day and night. The boot also features a soft close fitting sleeve at the top of the boot that prevents flying wood chips and debris from getting inside and causing irritation. The suede upper offers double stitched construction with minimal seaming to yield a longer wearing, more durable boot and less risk of seam failure out in the field. The two zone lacing of the upper allows individual adjustment of the upper and lower lace areas for a customized fit, while the roller ball style eyelets make the adjustment quick and easy.

buy magnum boots australia

Customers will find the fit, service, and craftsmanship of the boots are second to none, it says. The family is proud to serve hardworking men and women around the globe, by transforming the way they walk, work, and live life. Customers are requested to visit the company website or one of its stores in Spokane, Boise, or Redding to get a pair of custom boots. Time to get boots that match your intensity, says JK Boots. 041b061a72


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