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after year 2000, in the wake of the international health initiatives, the government of india has started implementing five major programs with the help of the world bank and asian development bank. the health systems of these programs are not different from one another. but still, these programs create a platform for the transformation of indian health systems. these programs have different components, some of which are the community action plan, maternal and child health, family planning, work plan, and reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (rmnch) initiative, implementation of which will be discussed in detail.

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community action plan (cap): this is the first step of the health systems initiative and a major initiative of the government of india. the national urban health mission (nuhm), launched in 2010, is designed for scaling up coverage of primary and community-based health services at the urban level. it has a vision to provide 100% urban coverage of community-based health services, and 100% access to quality, equitable and affordable health services, interventions and products. it has three main pillars- mobilization, integration and access, and capability and quality of care, and is designed to achieve and sustain universal coverage of these services, interventions and products among all urban people. the nuhm will be able to reach out to almost all urban population. the cap will provide a platform for the government of india to achieve its goal of national health for all by providing safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and basic health services, improved nutrition, and protection from communicable diseases. the cap will be implemented in a phased manner. first phase will take place in cities and towns with an annual plan grant of inr 5 crores. this will be followed by the second phase in all districts of the country with annual plan grant of inr 500 crores. the third phase will be implemented in all states, with annual plan grant of inr 400 crores. the goal is to provide services to all urban people and their households in a decentralized manner by forming and administering urban health authorities (uhas) at the state level. uhas will be responsible for managing the entire program at the state level.


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