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Matthew Ross

Shadow [HD] (2018) Bluray 1080p

Still, one of the better qualities of this 2160p video is the improved brightness levels, and since a majority of the movie takes place at night, this is a big bonus indeed. Inky, luxurious blacks display outstanding gradational variations between the various shades, showing small differences from one suit to the next or even around the collar and shirt of the same outfit. Rich, velvety shadows bathe the 2.35:1 image with a lovely cinematic quality and dimensionality while laying bare small details and objects within the darkest corners, and the several shots of the city skyline have a striking picturesque beauty to them. Added to that, overall contrast doesn't seem to have made as big of a jump, looking almost on par with the 1080p version, but whites are noticeably brighter and more luminous, which very likely has much to do with Haris Zambarloukos's stylized cinematography. Nevertheless, specular highlights provide a dazzling, radiant intensity to the brightest areas and a glowing, realistic shimmer to various metallic edges without sacrificing the finest details.

Shadow [HD] (2018) Bluray 1080p



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