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More than 6,000 people have already downloaded "Graduation Song" from Kinetics and One Love's website -- for free. "No one our age pays for music anymore," said Dussolliet, although he hopes that once Kinetics and One Love have built up a large enough fan base, they'll be able to charge for albums.

Writing the lyrics to "Graduation Song" a year after his own graduation was a plus, Dussolliet said. "I think having already gone through the whole process of separating from everyone allowed for a more reflective song, letting the focus expand from just another college party song to one that includes this 'let's keep in touch' sentiment." Sommers agreed, adding, "People have really picked up on the sentimental nature of the song, which is why I think it spread so fast."

So if you don't remember all the drinks that we poured If you don't remember all the rules we ignored If you don't remember all the reasons that we laughed 'Cause you start to lose track as time goes by If you don't remember sneakin' in the side door And if you don't remember skinny dippin' at the gorge If you only can remember one thing at all You have to promise me that you'll remember to call So I can say hi

So take a shower, shine your shoes, brother Ain't no time to lose, brother, we're about to booze, brother We're about to throw a celebration in honor of separation Before we have to say goodbye 'Cause I woulda never made it through without each and every one of y'all I woulda never made it through without the Adderall I woulda never made it through without my Ray-Bans No teacher's lookin' in my eyes 'Cause I would rather relax in my castle, havin' class was a hassle Hopin' this razzle-dazzle pays off when they pass me my cap and my tassel But as the hours and the minutes diminish I think about the business that we left unfinished Like who is gonna claim all this random jewelry that's on my nightstand? I guess I know why they call it a one-night stand But even if you can't remember names If you could remember everything, it wouldn't be the same

Ayo my life is like a picture of a lot of liquor An exotic mixture of elixir and a sorority mixer But this here, will probably be the last time I can hit on so many girls without spending my last dime Thankfully I passed wines, what did I take wines for? Nobody ever used any of that on wine tours But I guess that's the common theme Everything you know right now will one day all just be a dream And these faces that are glowing are going to be unknown When the place to which you're going is what you will call a home And you'll forget about the Palms, and all of the sake bombs But I hope you don't forget about us So even if you've lost every single note from class Hopefully you come across the notes that we used to pass And I know you will have thoughts of what we did in the stacks I gotta say, your brain is really worth an A+ So this is dedicated to a stadium of dissipated hockey crowds Dedicated to an empty table at Souvlaki House Hopin' that you call me, when you get out to Wall Street I don't ever wanna lose touch I wanna be like ay shorty, ay shorty, I just wanna say shorty I miss you more than I used to miss my 8:40 'Cause sometimes that is all you wanna hear When the buzz from the beer disappears

For those who grew up in the 80s or 90s, the cassette tape was the dominant music format through most of their childhoods. But with the fast development of electronic and digital technologies, audio cassettes have been replaced by more convenient music players years ago. In the world of digital audio files, we need to protect those cassette tapes by converting them to MP3 format. Of course, you can hold on the originals, but without having a digital copy, you probably run the risk of losing your favorite records as time goes by.

Unfortunately, the process for converting cassettes to MP3 was rather painful that it has kept this project at bay for years. But now we've figured out several ways to do it in no time with just our computer, cassette player, and a few free programs. We simply call them cassette to MP3 converters. Anyway, how to convert cassette to MP3 exactly?

To convert cassette to MP3, your first solution is Leawo Music Recorder, one of the best cassette to MP3 converters. Leawo Music Recorder is the best audio recording software for music lovers to record any audio and music on Windows OS. It allows users to edit and download music tags as well as to edit, add and delete playlist to play back recordings.

Click the red button when you finish recording. When the recording process finishes, the recorded music files could be managed in the "Media" interface, where you can see the recording Library and Playlist. As a professional cassette tape to MP3 converter, Leawo Music Recorder could automatically download and add music tags to recordings. But you could right click the desired recording and select "Edit Music Tags" to edit Title, Artist, Album, etc.

As time goes by, new technologies replace old ones and it's with mixed feelings that I write this. Personally, I love to step back and think of how we got to where we are today. Often I think of audio technologies, and then reflect back on some of the ones that have come and gone, specifically in the digital realm. It's pretty amazing how fast things change and how quickly we forget about the stuff we were using not long ago.

MPEG-1 Audio Layer III, or as we all know it, "MP3" is an "old" codec for today's standards. It came about in the early '90s and exploded in popularity quickly. MP3 is what is called a "psychoacoustic", "lossy" codec (the word CODEC is the amalgamation of COmpression - DECompression). The "psychoacoustic" part means that to reduce file size it gets rid of the frequencies that we humans don't pay much attention to. The "lossy" part means that the file actually loses data/information to make the compression even more efficient and the file size smaller. To put the importance of a small file in context, in the '90s, computers were running at around 16 MHz, which meant they had really challenged processing power. So the combination of a codec that discards frequencies (often the highest and lowest frequencies, like cymbals and bass on a song), that is lossy, and that has to at least decode (play back) in real time on a very slow CPU makes MP3 a terrible quality audio codec for today's devices.

I believe there is one main reason why MP3s are still widely used today, and I atribute it to the original Napster. Back in the mid '90s, to play digital music you'd use a CD player, most people connected to the internet using dial-up, and lots of computers did not even have a sound card inside. But since MP3s meant you could have an audio file about 1/10 of the file size of that in a CD, download it over a modem, and play it back on a computer with a sound card, people started ripping off CDs and sharing copyrighted music on peer-to-peer (P2P) services; like Napster. So, in just a few years a fair number of people, mostly enthusiastic techies or early adopters, were exposed to and got used to sharing MP3s. They cared more about the how many new tracks they had than the sound quality of those tracks.

I remember working in a web design start-up in the late '90s, and all the designers and programmers were growing their music collections with thousands and thousands of MP3 files, playing them back on Winamp or MacAmp. Most people still used CDs, but the underground nature of P2P MP3 sharing meant that there was no need to buy specific hardware and software to play music, and the recoding industry had a really hard time enforcing copyright'"heck, you didn't even have to buy the music!

Then MP3 players like the Rio Player came about, so you could then take some MP3 files with you on the move detaching yourself from the computer. By the time the first iPod ships in late 2001, MP3 had become the mainstream file format for sharing music. From that point on, there was very little anyone could do to stop MP3s from growing in popularity amongst non-techies.


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