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Iv had this computer for 2 years now with no problem, The first program i downloaded on this computer was malwarebytes, My only option to get it was though that crappy Microsoft Edge browser. Details are fuzzy but i ended up clicking the AD that (i think bing) put on top and it was a site called I downloaded it from that site and ran it, Im Unsure if it even took me to the official site as my history for edge was gone from that time period, i did uninstall at one point though. Iv recently downloaded malwarebytes on the official site due to me clicking and falling for a spoofing website, Only difference was the numbers at the end of the download, after a month Iv dug deeper into it and have no idea what try malwarebytes com was and Im asking anyone if they know if this is like a subdomain for advertising or a phishing scam. 041b061a72


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