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Happy New Year! We have turned the page into yet another beautiful year ahead. Today is January 2nd, the first new moon of the new year. This is one of the best times this year to build out your manifestation list (those things you want to call in), set intentions and start living your life from your authenticity. We have a whole year filled with infinite possibilities. Today brings a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to redefine goals and think of all the ways this new year will be the best yet.

You may have already set firm resolutions for yourself, which is great, but the purpose of intention setting will take you deeper. This will help you really hone in on what you want to cultivate and how you want to live out this New Year. This exercise will help you get to the very energetic essence of how you authentically want to experience life. This allows for more space and creativity to bring in more of what you love, and leave behind anything that doesn't reflect this essence - your soon to be intention.

To get started, grab your journal or a piece of paper and something to write with. I recommend writing this with pen to paper instead of typing.

When we write with our hands, it uses our neural pathways that were established during childhood when were learning to write. Writing our words and even speaking them (hearing your voice) is comforting for the brain and helps us to drop in deeper than if we were to type it out.

When you're ready, find a quiet spot, maybe brew your favorite tea, get comfy and let's get started.


Come to an easy seat, and rest your hands in your lap or on your knees.

Close your eyes and take 10 breaths.

This is going to start to shift us into an alpha brain wave state. In Alpha we are relaxed and can access more of the creative centers of the brain.

Once we are relaxed, start to write down the following:

  • goals you have set for yourself this year

  • resolutions, firm decisions to do or not do something

  • -thoughts on how you want 2022 to look, and feel

Become a dreamer during this exercise. This doesn't have to be perfect, this is just where we're going to start.

If you don't have anything in mind here is a good exercise to get you started:

  • Look back at your photos from 2021 and pick out your best memories; write down what you were doing, wearing, who were you with, HOW DID YOU FEEL.

  • What do you want to spend more time doing

  • What do you want to spend less time doing

  • How do you want to feel and what will help you feel this way more often

Awareness and Reflection is an important step. We are unable to make changes and shift if we are not aware of what needs to be changed or shifted. This sounds simple, but self awareness is a continuous practice of looking inward. We spend the majority of our lives looking outward. Social media adds a layer as we scroll through everyone else's life and we do the worst thing we can do when it comes to living authentically - we compare. Taking the time to reflect will ensure that it feels authentic to who we are and what we want.


Now that we have a list, we are going to start to reframe what's written.

First, go through and change any of the negative statements into positive statements

As humans, our brains do not know the word No or Not... For example: Do not think about a big dog. Chances are an image of a dog came to mind. Our minds work in pictures, not in words, therefore it's not what you say, but what you IMAGINE.

Additionally, when we set resolutions from a place of negative, they don't have a solid foundation to stand on. There is no reason or intent to WHY we want to set these goals and so they usually fall off.

  • Here is an example: NO MORE PROCESSED FOODS;

  • Find ways to rework the negative "no" into a positive statement. Get creative

Here is an example of a reframe

  • Fill up with more things that nurture my body;

  • Eat more Vegetables;

  • Find more Whole Foods that I love;

  • You will automatically eat less processed foods because your focus will be on finding more whole foods that you like to eat.

Also, when we tell ourselves we cannot do something, it usually makes us want to do more of that thing. Instead, shift the focus on what you CAN do, and find ways to enjoy the process of whatever that is.

Second, go through and notice anything that you would write the word "Should" in front of.

Really notice if what you want is coming from a place of authenticity or if any of this comes from societal pressure . You can choose to cross these off, or take them through the next step.

If they are not rooted in your core wants and desires, they will move you further away from what feels authentic to you, and will likely not align with your intention anyways.

When your list feels complete, take another 10 breaths or more to notice if they feel aligned. Bring to mind each goal as if you already accomplished it and just start to notice how it makes you feel.


Once we have reworked our list a bit, we are going to peel back the layers of everything on your list, and get to the ROOT. Where working backwards in a sense to find our WHY and our PURPOSE. In other words, why do you want the things you want and how will they make you feel. That feeling is getting close to your intention.

Here is an example:

  • Find more Whole Foods that I love;

  • WHY: By eating better foods, I will lose weight;

  • WHY do I want to loose weight?;

  • Loosing weight will make me feel better about my body;

  • WHY do I want to feel better about my body?;

  • I will be more confident;

  • WHY do I want to feel more confident?;

  • Because I will have the confidence to connect better with others;

  • WHY do I want to connect with others?

  • Because deeper connections are important to me;


Therefore, your goal of eating more Whole Foods, really has to do with wanting to feel connection - whether with yourself and/or others.

This can go in any direction, just be honest with yourself, and let it guide you. Keep going until it feels complete to you. This could come down to a word or phrase or you may even get to the root of a purpose or mission. You will know when you've hit it.

An important thing to note, is that anytime we decide to go deeper and reflect within, things can feel heavy. We are turning over stones of emotions that we buried years ago, and you might find that you hit a nerve at some point - this is a good thing.

For example, for many, their goals of losing weight may have little to do with physical weight, and more to do with wanting to feel accepted, or connected etc.

The great news, is that when we bring awareness to these areas, we can started making decisions for our life based on wanting to feel more connected vs. just losing weight - If we don't feel connection towards others at our current weight, cutting out foods you love, dieting, shaming yourself etc. isn't going to help with the root of what you want, connection. Instead, stepping out of your comfort zone and asking friends to go for a walk, to cook a nutritious meal, you're going to work towards the intention of connection, while also feeding and nurturing your body.

This ultimately leads to a life filled with connection to yourself and others, and what a beautiful intention to cultivate.

Do this for each thing on your list. Note if there are any similarities or repeat words that come up.


Once we have our words, or essence down, we're going to sit a little longer in stillness.

Set a 10 minute timer on your phone, maybe play some relaxing music, and sit with this word, image, or essense.

How does this word, phrase or feeling LOOK when it's played out?

If your word is connection - what does you connected look like? Is it to yourself on your mat, WIth your loved ones, reading books? It will look different for each person, but what's important is to really sit with what it looks like for you.

This meditation will also help you see action steps towards your intention that will touch on each of your goals as well.

TIP: You can play some Binueral Beats to help your brain waves drop into the alpha (relaxation) or theta (meditative) state.

At the end of the meditation, journal the images that came up. How did you look, feel, dress, walk, smile? Were you alone or with others? What were you doing? After we have this down, we're going to start to jot down action steps.

First we imagine, then we take action.

What are some things you can start to do today, baby steps, that will cultivate more moments in your intention.


  • plan a night to cook with friends, try a new recipe and incorporate those Whole Foods you wrote about earlier.

  • Invite a friend to a farm to harvest fruits or veggies - learn the process and about the foods you're going to nurture your body with

  • Make something for someone you love, a pie or dinner- incorporate the foods YOU enjoy to cook.

  • plan to walk around your community every week, notice who lives around you.

  • Find a community center (like a yoga studio, cycle studio gym, dance class) Try things that are fun for you, that get you moving, and sign up for a class or membership

By taking little action steps towards connection, you are automatically going to make a shift in your lifestyle. Eating more Whole Foods becomes a center where you can connect more with others and LIVE OUT YOUR INTENTION.

If you are feeling at all stuck in the process and need some action steps to move forward, finish this exercise with these questions.

  • If I could have anything at all, what would it be?

  • What would I need to do to attain it?

  • What stops me from doing those things now?

  • How can I overcome those challenges to attain the life I desire?

Please comment any questions you may have, or drop me a message. I offer 1:1 sessions and would love to work with you to create the life of your dreams. You get to decide the year you're going to have. Let's own it!


Alexandra Rose

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