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Virgo Season - Time to Purify, Cleanse and Organize

On August 27th we had a new moon in the sign of Virgo.

New Moons are a great time to re-assess your intentions and make changes towards the life of your dreams. Virgo is symbolized by the High Priestess. She is pure and devoted to herself, her space and to Source- God.

The energy from this season brings with it an opportunity to purify, clean and organize the space around and within us. This is an invitation to acknowledge where we need a clean start in any of the four pillars of our life- Home, Health, Purpose and Connection.

The four pillars:

These four pillars create the foundation for living in alignment as our most authentic self.

1. Home represents anything that we have in and around our space.

2. Health includes our physical and mental health, and represents all that we consume

3. Purpose encompasses those things that spark joy and interest in us, as well as our careers (even if they just fund your purpose at the moment).

4. Connection includes how you connect with yourself, your loved ones and to Nature, Life, Source/God.

The energy of this season can help you make small changes to purify, cleanse and organize in any of these pillars. This time asks you where you can devote your energy and love to, especially any areas that you may have been neglecting.

Each of these areas are important, but this week we will be focusing on how we can pick an area of our home, and do what Virgo's do best - clean. Each week, we will look into one of the four pillars through the lens of cleansing, purifying and devotion. First up, is HOME.


I like to think of my home like a shell. An extension of me that provides safety and protection. Our homes are our sanctuary - it's where we go to recharge and rest, as well as create and connect. Creating a space that inspires you, or soothes you first starts with cleaning out all of the things that don't.

Like any change, it takes dedication and time. The first step in any transformation is awareness.

You don't have to take on any of this all at once. You can incorporate the following steps in the smallest space (even a drawer) and evolve your way from there. Find ways to make the process yours.

Why we're starting with home.

Cleaning your home is likely not new to you; but cleaning with intention is connected to a deeper self-discipline that affects each of the pillars. Everything we do is connected to the subconscious patterns we've created throughout our entire lives. When we start to do the deep work to change those patterns or to create change, the easiest place to start is with what we can see with a conscious eye. The more we can make small, consistent changes in those outer layers, the more it will strengthen our ability to stick with and commit to our inner layers.

This can be a huge project to tackle an entire home or living space, so this week, I recommend starting with just one area and let it evolve from there. There is no rush, just small consistent change.

Let's get started:

1. Choose the room you'd like to work with.

I recommend starting with 1. a place that's most sacred to you, or 2. an area you have been neglecting. Notice what areas of your home may not feel as joyful, comfortable or livable as you would like, or what areas you'd like to enjoy more of.

2. Assess. Once you have chosen your space, set an intention for it. If there are multiple people living in this space, do this together and come up with an essence for the space that you all agree and love.

Start by taking inventory of the current space:

-Describe it in three words _________, __________, __________.

-What function does this space currently provide?

-What do I love out of this space and how can I start to culitvate more of that in here?

Then, you can start to form an intention for the space you are starting to create. Ask yourself, or write down:

- What words would I use to describe this space?

- How do I want to FEEL in this space?

- What images describe how I would feel in this space?

- What do I want to do in this space?

- What does this space look like, feel like, sound like, smell like?

Fill in the blank to form your intention for your space.

In this space, I feel _____________________________________________________________________________________. I have the space to do more ___________________________________________________________________________. I am excited to come home to this space because it is ________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

3. Cleanse. This is a multi-step process

a. Get rid of the easy stuff. Start with throwing away anything that can be discarded

b. Compile. Place all of the things that are taking up space in a pile - I recommend either in another room, or on top of one surface.

c. Clean. Deep clean the space without any clutter in the way. (For me, seeing the space as a blank. clean canvas is so satisfying and will help in deciding what you want to bring back into this cleansed space)

d. Tackel the pile. As you go through the pile, look at it through the lens of your intention. Get rid of, sell, or donate anything that keeps you from using the space as you intend.

*This can be a really difficult step if we have developed a deep attachment to our things. Here are some tips that may help.

  • Two questions: 1. Do I USE/NEED this or 2. In the words of Maria Kondo "Does this spark Joy?" Answering these question will help you to create a space where everything around you has a purpose/function or gives you joy when you see it.

  • For the things that don't, put them in a separate pile to work through. I recommend either selling them or gifting them to friends, neighbors or family who may find a need or purpose with it. (This will also help in developing connection - one of the four pillars)

  • Donate item to others in need or organizations?

  • Repurpose or find a new space these items can function.

e. Give it a home.For everything you decide to keep, find a home for that item.

Remember: this isn't just about making a space look like a perfectly curated Pinterest post. This is your HOME. It will continuously evolve like everything in life. It's not about matching a particular picture in your head, it's about the ESSENCE you experience when you're in this space.