So It Flows was created with the intention that Yoga should be accessible to all. It is  a place to find your flow on and off your yoga mat and bring the practice of Yoga into your everyday life. 

Your life is a series of ebbs and flows, always evolving, changing, and moving you through each experience.

We are a community that offers yoga resources to help you deepen your practice and find your balance in the flow. 

We offer resources that meet your needs depending on where you are in your journey. 

This is a space for you to come and connect back to your self, your practice and to flow in the vibration of your highest self. 

Yoga for Back Pain
30 minute Yoga for the Mind Flow + Paramhansa Yogananda excerpt on Manifestation
Yoga For Your Hips
5 minute Headstand Tutorial
Yoga Flow for Flexibility into SPLITS!
Journey to Splits - Pose Tutorial
Setting your Intention for 2021
Holiday De-Stress: 30 min vinyasa flow
Yoga Mat and Straps


Yoga Courses to deepen your practice