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All About So it Flows

Hi! Nice to Meet you 

My name is Alexandra Rose. I have been teaching yoga for 8 years and practicing for 10. 

I am a 500 E-RYT certified instructor, that basically means I have spent a lot of time diving deep into the practice of Yoga. I felt the call to share to the world all I have learned, which lead me to quitting a Director level position in the Corporate world to teaching my passion.  

I teach Vinyasa style classes at a studio in Tampa called Union Three, and provide some Yoga Flows on my YouTube Channel- So it Flows. 

I believe Yoga can change your life. 

Yoga is a tool to connect back with your most authentic, powerful self and my intention as a teacher is to shine that light to as many beings as I can. 

So it Flows is a community for us to CONNECT, share stories, and together find the balance between the ebb and flow . 

I am honored to be here and share this with you all! 

Namaste + All the Love! 


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